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Saint Catherine on Washington — Brooklynian

Saint Catherine on Washington

Anybody know what's going on with the Saint Catherine on Washington? A while back they closed up suddenly, posted on Facebook that they were doing some renovations, but since then, nothing!


  • Still closed, right?
  • It was open last night as we ubered by. I believe the placard outside read Finn’s Corner ??? Looking forward to hearing more about it
  • Looks like the new place Finn's Corner is open for business. Based on their placard boasting packages for all sports, it would seem to be a sports bar.
  • bougie sports bar is an underserved niche relative to craft beer bar in this part of town
  • I'm always curious to see if people make the right bets on the hidden niches of a neighborhood. I live right by, and would pop into St Cath's once in a while. Sounds like I will not be entering Finn's. It's a give and take, let's see if they're right. Or if they just pulled a crownside
  • I don't care about sports but watching sports at a bar is a pretty popular pastime, even among the bougie, and the only sports bar I can think of within a mile or so is the non-bougie Half Court. And that's among probably 50 bars?
  • Woodwork is nearby. Supposedly they might be leaving sometime soon though. And Plan B is already gone.
  • Right, and to Dac's point about sports bars closing in the area, this may be a sign of the times. If you want to see the saddest thing you've ever seen, step into Atlantic Social on saturday and gaze at it's giant empty misplaced wonder. But don't order a beer! it's 9 dollars. I can't attest to their $25 fish tacos, freaking bougie sports bars.
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    Saint Catherine was always competitively-bougie (eg same $5-7 beers as everywhere else plus a happy hour), not way-overpriced-bougie. Dunno if the new joint has the same prices, but they're presumably under the same however-many-year-old lease so they don't need to bake in a huge rent.
  • Currently sat at the bar. Laguanitas at $4 until 8pm. Think that's all draft drinks too. Seems a lot like the Saint Catherine, to be honest, with more TVs and no food.
  • Food is often a money loser.
  • Has anyone been to Finn's? It looks like it's doing ok business.
  • I've been. Even though I swore I wouldn't, because I hate bars that have no individual style. I assume they know that adding TVs isn't a style. But the Olympics were on. So there I was. Its a regular bar for regular people who pass it and are thirsty. Prospect Heights has many of these.