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  • Development on Troy Ave
    Looks like quite a bit is happening on the southern end of Troy Ave. New kosher ramen/pho/udon place called Pho-Men on Troy, just a few doors down from the awesome Izzy's BBQ:
    Looks great, but as is often the case with higher-end kosher, quite expensive (especially for soup). Regardless, this area is in ...
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  • The Big 18 developments in western Crown Heights Whynot_31 won't stop talking about
    As readers are likely aware, I use to jabber about the demographic changes occurring in western Crown Heights, which I define as being west of Nostrand.     If you live east of Nostrand, I have nothing against the area where you live...Here's my list: 1. At Bedford and Lincoln, a large apartment building is now being ...
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  • Speculation
    I've been watching the flatbush/farragut area since it's close to the growing and developing junction area. Fwiw it seems to be pretty hot. Latest example would be 3510 Glenwood road, it was listed and sold in under 1 month - cash. Price 1.35m, which is a new high for the neighborhood. There have been a ...
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  • 1506 New York Ave

    Two 9 unit buildings will go up (total 18) each 4 stories tall. All signs point towards them being rental units, since that is something in the current developers wheelhouse. 

    I for one am excited to see this since I live near there and for the last few months it's just been an empty lot. I ...
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