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  • Elation. Shock. Devastation. Acceptance. McMuffins. The stages of a McDonald's teardown
    That old out of place Mcky D's on the edge of Vanderbilt and atlantic, one day last month was insta-torn down to the studs, raising hope that it would go away. But unfortunately, after what some sources say could be a $700,000 makeover, that thing is here to stay. What are they crazy? ...
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    Finally went to Sweet Chick corner of Carlton and Park Place (and Flatbush). Warmly welcomed by Wanda. Seats comfortable (unlike the ones shown in the pix at which almost kept me away) and a cheerful room. The noise level is horrendous, yet it was around two in the afternoon. Because of the hour most ...
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  • Searching for a Tae Kwon Do Instructor
    I'm looking for recommendations for a tae kwon do instructor who can teach a great group of kids who have been practicing together for a couple of years (ranging from white belt to advanced red belt). We secured a beautiful studio space Crown Heights at Washington and Grand, and the studio is holding time slots ...
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  • How's CitiBike parking in the area?
    Just a question in anticipation of Citibike's Prospect Heights arrival. Any citibike commuters, who make the quick trip to their local subway stop during the rush hours want to comment on the easy of finding a bike and finding a slot to park it? I'm just curious. Now that there are so many ...
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  • Tony Roma's Down
    This is exciting to me.
    I moved to prospect heights as the stadium was opening, and all sorts of hopes and fears for the neighborhood were swirling.  Would the hood get more exciting places to eat and drink because of the excess foot traffic, or would an avalanche of uninteresting out of towners whitewash us into ...
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