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Bar Sepia — Brooklynian

Bar Sepia

edited November -1 in Prospect Heights
Finally had a drink at Bar Sepia on Friday night. It's located on Underhill between Eastern Parkway and St. Johns. Very nice designed space with a small outdoor patio. Nice wine by the glass but with a really boring selection of beer in both bottles and on tap. Friendly vibe!


  • Agreed - a great and comfortable space. Go take a look at the sign in the men's bathroom. And send in a camphone photo...
  • i live across the street and love sepia. the owner is a local rez, delissa and her husband. much care and love is/was put into the joint. from my first glass of wine...always friendly and sweet and many good conversations with the clientale. also always a great mix of people, really representative of the neighborhood.
    after the elections my girlfriend and i stumbled out away from the TV around 1am, already sloshed, with depression on the horizan. we went there. a huge group of like-minded individuals. screaming at the TV. delissa and her barkeeps made sure our glasser were full...on the house. it helped deaden the pain....just one of my memories of sepia.
  • My favorite spot in the neighborhood!

    Actually - I'm looking for a room /share in the area so I can stay close to it and the park.
  • Now THAT is customer loyalty.
  • Well I've got friends in the neighborhood - ita not ALL about Sepia -- but I will say it's the most pleasant place to have an after work pint - and the crowd is really great.

    Oh and Candace the bartender is an amaaaaaaazxing jazz singer - who has been doing shows lately...not to be missed.
  • Time to create a Zombie thread!

    Those of us who go there regularly, know that Bar Sepia hasn't changed too much over the last 8 years, and has become a community of sorts.

  • Always was, hopefully always will be. Although there has been some change... unless its a special event, like New Years or the annual March anniversary party, its been a number of years since I walked in and had a "Norm" moment, i.e., everyone in the place looks up, smiles and says my name. On a crowded night, I may now know 2-3 people, not including bar staff. So the palce definitely has changed. But so has the neighborhood.

    Then again, its been a number of years since I was there more than once a month. Might've been a bad idea to have those damned children.

  • I am by no means as regular as some of the "real" regulars, but am certainly a familiar face.

    Yes, the crowd has changed. It was once the only place to go nearby, now there are many, many places.

    ...part of my loyalty might stem from Bar Sepia securing me as a customer during my "formative years", my 30s.

  • I have just learned that Bar Sepia turns 9 years old this weekend!


    Congrats to Delissa (on right) and her hard working crew!

  • Good on, Delissa. It's a quintessential "local".

  • Come join us to celebrate our 9th Anniversary!

    Friday, April 5th


    Bar Sepia

    234 Underhill Ave


    Hope to see you!!!!

  • Bar Sepia received the 2013 Brooklyn Small Business Award!

    Thank you SBS Commissioner Robert Walsh, Ann Rangone, Jerry Bruno, all at the SBS and the NYC Neighborhood Achievement Awards Committee for the AMAZING honor!

    Quote and photo from Delissa's Facebook page.

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    This Saturday, March 15th, Bar Sepia turns 10!

    ....past and present customers will unite!

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    Now testing the market to see if she can really turn this into $2.3M I (along with other regulars) would be sad to see the bar change...
  • Does the owner of the bar own the building? I really hope Bar Sepia sticks around. I've been a few times the past few months - same as I remember it when I moved to the neighborhood a decade ago.
  • Yes, she and her husband own the building.
  • Any chance they could sell to someone who lets them keep the bar in business? Or they're probably ready to cash out, right? Very unfortunate, but I trust it's the smart business decision.
  • The ad above seems to state she would like to keep running the business, and would enter into a long term lease with the new owner.
  • "A rare opportunity to purchase one of only a few residential properties with retail space on Underhill Ave. Perfect for an end user who wants to run their business downstairs" - wouldn't that mean the buyer would run their business, presumably not the same Bar Sepia?
  • Under additional comments it states: "-There really is no current rent roll, however the retail tenant would like to stay and is willing fair market.The current business is very well established."
  • Good point - let's hope that turns out to be the final result.
  • I interpret it to mean that "if I have to leave, you are going to need to pay full price"
  • Just wanted to chime in, the bar owners do not own the building. I would imagine they have a solid lease left and the owner of the building lives on the top floor and plans to move out, leaving only the commercial tenant for the new owner. I feel like Sepia will be around for a while.
  • @van_bon is correct. All this time I assumed she and her husband owned the building, because she ran the bar and (for a while) lived upstairs. However, ACRIS states the deed is not under their name. Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 8.29.10 PM
  • I have heard that the bar's closing is now imminent. either the end of this month or february. too bad because it is a local favorite of mine.
  • Yes, she had a great run and Bar Sepia will be missed. I'm going to make sure to go a few times before it goes.
  • Bar Sepia Press Release - from Delissa January 17, 2018 After 14 years in business (16 since signing the lease), at 234 Underhill Avenue in Prospect Heights Brooklyn, I share the news Bar Sepia will close on March 1 2018 a few days shy of our actual anniversary as the Landlord has refused to renew our lease. Our neighbor, Charity Thomas, is also being forced out after 22 years. This news comes with a mixture of sadness, fear but also hopeful optimism as we are still working tirelessly to find a way to stay. Our goal is to buy the building, however this is a challenging endeavor in the current real estate market. Life evolves and we embrace the future no matter what the outcome and will leave with our heads high. Elia and I want to thank our Brooklyn neighbors and beyond your unwavering support for nearly a decade and a half and for sharing this life changing experience. We’ve met so many amazing people that have become dear friends and family and appreciate every person who worked here over the years, without you, this would not have been possible. We also want to send a special thanks to Community Board 8 & the SLA Committee and all it’s members, the 77th Precinct, PS 9 and the 280/132 Firehouse for their service and support and to the local cultural institutions including the Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Museum of Art, BAM, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Prospect Park employees. Thank you for sharing this journey and helping us realize our dream of becoming a neighborhood hub where all are welcome. To our nearest and dearest, thank you for showing up and holding us up through many challenges and successes. You all know who you are. Everyone who has crossed our threshold has impacted our lives and from the very beginning and helped us realize our dream of becoming a cornerstone of the community and we hope that our efforts to use our powers for good helped to strengthen the fabric of our neighborhood. Many have asked how they can help and we thank you for your kind offers. All we can ask of you now is to reach out to our local representatives, press and share the news on social media & follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. We will post updates on how we are progressing in our quest to keep Bar Sepia open. Also, send us an email at [email protected] so that we can add you to our contact list. We have been working on documenting Bar Sepia and what we do. Please join us on January 20-21 to share a story about Bar Sepia, the neighborhood or community at large starting at 1:30 until… We will also bring back our “Tell Me A Story” series hosted by Charity Thomas on Monday, January 29th. Pass by to share your story about Bar Sepia, the neighborhood or whatever moves you about the importance of community. We also have Bar Sepia T Shirts for sale. They’re definitely a collector’s item. We will continue to operate our regular hours until our last day and below is a list of our upcoming events. Go to our website for our events calendar. Thank you, from the top, bottom and all sides of our heart for your love and support over the years. Bar Sepia and the Neighborhood On Camera Testimonials Times: Waiver January 20 & 21 Tell Me A Story Hosted By Charity Thomas (Filmed) Monday, January 29th Trivia Tuesday January 29th and February 13th Sunday Dinner Sunday, January 21st, February 4th, 18th Winter Wine Tasting Sunday, February 11th Sepia Flea Indoor Yard Sale Saturday February 24th & 25th