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Former St. Teresa School to train court officers — Brooklynian

Former St. Teresa School to train court officers

For more information, attend the hearing at 6:30 PM on Thurs. March 3rd at the Center for Nursing and Rehab, on Classon bet. Park Place and Prospect Place. Housing Committee, CB 8.

St. Teresa's School is located near CNR on the corner of Sterling Place and Classon. It's been a vacant eyesore for years.

Could be a good thing, but the devil's in the details.

See attached for same.

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  • Oops. Attachment denied due to overly large file size. Guess you'll just have to brave the cold and find out in person.

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    For readers who like background:

    For readers who like to read what I write (?):

    Here's a story, I wrote on this topic when I was really bored on a related thread, back in 2010:

    Once upon a time, back in 2006, the NYS Senate passed a bill:

    They even consistently reported the project as being in Crown Heights.

    Once the governor and some other characters signed the bill, the folks who supervise the Court Officers were happy and decided to run an article in the ultra boring civil servant newspaper (as per the first link above, dated 2007).

    Then the process entered the NYS procurement system. :(

    After that it likely went into the design phase with the NYS Dormatory authority.

    About two years later, sometime in 2009, it likely finally came out of design and the authority obtained permission to release an RFP. :D

    While they had it, the Dormatory Authority created cool drawings of what Building 1 (former elementary school), Building 2 (former auditorium/gymnasium), and Building 3 (former convent) are supposed to end up looking like.

    This helped contractors configure their bids. You can see the drawings here:

    When the bid was released, they also made a press release that stated how great they are. The guy who writes I Love Franklin Ave. (see second link above) decided it was pretty cool

    Meanwhile, contractors read the RFP and scratched their chins. They stayed up late, and then turned in their plans by the due date, April 2010.

    If you and a friend wanted to build this project, you are too late. :cry:

    At this very moment, the authority is presently reviewing the bids, and thinking of questions to ask the contractors. The contractors will consider most of the questions to be annoying, but will try to remain polite.

    Hopefully soon, some contractor will get the news they have been chosen.

    This contractor will be very


    Their name will appear here:

    After that, folks with hard hats will hopefully appear on Classon to revitalize the complex. :D.

    The contractors will eat burgers at Dutch Boy.

    It's all likely to happen with NYS funds that were dedicated in 2007 , because in 2010 they are broke and we are unlikely to see any fundings for projects of this type as a result

    After about 2 years or so, the court officers will get to move into their new digs.

    For readers who like updates:

    I am pleased to update this story by stating that the scaffolding is now up, and that Brownstoner has announced work has begun!

  • I have been inside a couple of times. The bldg is in very poor condition. The contractor on site now will do the demo, roof repair and pointing. There will be a second floor added after the mezzanine is removed. This is a good use of the property and the church remains the owner w the city signing a long-term lease. I only hope they don't issue 100's of parking permits and clog up the streets w "official use" cars and take up stools at Franklin Park, Wash Comm and the new Chavela's. I hope somebody got some good shots of the painting on the side of the bldg before it's sandblasted off

  • Which building? It looks like at least three and maybe four are getting some attention, including the "Nu Prospect House" and an adjacent apartment building, the building on the corner across from the church, and the one on the corner of Classon and St. John's.

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    I believe the court officers will take control of most of the buildings on the site.

    It is a large school, for all of NYC

  • Brooklyn Jesuit Prep is staying as a school. Hopefully some money will be spent improving that building as well, but that will be the responsibility of the Diocese or the school.

  • The construction fences are up, but I'm at work when construction would be happening and am not sure if the site is active.

    Are people seeing guys in hard hats wandering in and out of the buildings yet?

  • There is a small crew over there working. If you have any questions you can usually find the PM of the job having a cup of coffee at union coffee time Glass Shop

  • Is the training academy scheduled to open Sept 2012?

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    ---> one year passes <---

    No. That deadline has been delayed.

    But the good news is that work has begun:

  • Wow, it's been boarded up for twenty years! I would have liked to have checked it out inside before the contractors got to it.

  • The New York State Court Officers Academy provides training programs for all court system personnel classified as “peace officers.” The Academy, under the command of Chief of Training Joseph Baccellieri, Jr., has a staff of twenty-two full time court officers who are all certified as police instructors by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. In addition, adjunct Academy instructors are utilized throughout the State to carry out various training requirements. These highly trained professionals are responsible for carrying out all court system training programs (statewide), many of which are required by statute.

    Established in 1972 (view historical photos), the Academy is responsible for training approximately 4,500 court officers, as well as approximately 2,000 additional non-uniformed peace officers of the Unified Court System. In the beginning, court officers were trained in screening and other procedures by local-area police departments. Today the Academy certifies its own instructors as well as those from other agencies and police departments.

    Recruits (court officer-trainees) are required to attend a 14-week training program at either the Court Officers Academy located in NYC, or our upstate facility in Cohoes (Albany County) for their Initial Peace Officer Basic Training. Recruits should be prepared to actively participate in and demonstrate proficiency in areas including physical training, defensive tactics, basic life support, and firearms training. Recruits must also complete a challenging academic curriculum covering New York State Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, court structure, agency policies and guidelines, arrest procedures, baton and pepper spray use, prisoner handling/escort, counter-terrorism training, bomb detection device training, critical incident management, law enforcement mental health, domestic violence awareness, incident command systems, evacuation procedures, oral and written communication skills, defensive driving, and interacting with the general public. This is just a sample of the core curriculum covered at the Court Officers Academy. Upon successful completion of the 14-week basic law enforcement training, recruits are certified by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety, as Peace Officers of the State of New York.

    Additionally, a wide variety of in-service training programs are offered to court officers of all ranks. Specialized training is also conducted for units such as the Mobile Security Patrol (MSP), Special Response Team (SRT), the New York State Courts Ceremonial Unit, and various instructor level and “train-the-trainer” courses. The 35-hour Basic Peace Officer Training Course is given periodically for employees in the court clerk and court assistant positions, whose titles also are covered under statute as peace officers. One or more of our eight firearm ranges are in operation daily throughout the state to satisfy statute-mandated annual re-qualification for all court system peace officers who are authorized to carry a firearm.

    The Academy’s range of responsibilities is increasing exponentially and will continue to do so as we constantly strive to meet the demands of the New York State Judiciary for the 21st century.

    Currently, the training facility is located in lower Manhattan, and Court Officers in Training are put up in extended hotels for the 14 weeks.

    At the new facility, they will be living on site in dorms. This should be big economic and "security" boom to the neighborhood.

  • A recent conversation with a construction guy indicates that this facility is on schedule to open in the Fall of 2013.

    ...and that they are "building lots of dorms for the students"

    Pro-tip to businesses: Although the students will have the option eating at an onsite cafeteria, many are likely to seek casual, quick, cheap meals off site.

  • Update late Feb 2013: Construction is continuing at a steady clip.

    If you look closely, you can see that they have finished with the demolition, and are now focusing on interior work.

    ...this project is being overseen by the NYS Dormitory Authority, so the cynic in me says it will be late and over budget. I hope they don't close the existing Court Officer's Training facility before they are able to open this one...

  • This academy will take over several street addresses:

    523 St. John's Place

    779 Classon Avenue

    560 Sterling Place (Block 1175, Lot 1)

    When the project was first announced (October 2011), the Brooklyn Eagle stated it should be open by Fall 2012. Obviously, that did not happen.

    The renovated 53,000-square feet complex will include fitness and training facilities, classrooms, dormitories, a cafeteria, locker rooms and showers, and administrative office space.

  • March 25, 2013

    Greetings Lt. Anthony Mung-

    I live near the Court Officers Training Academy that is presently under construction on Classon Ave in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

    Do you know when it is expected to be complete, and the first class is to be admitted?


    (real name)


    March 26, 2013

    Good Morning Mr. (real name):

    The Court Officers Training Academy is still currently undergoing construction and will be completed sometime in the next year or two. Classes starting at the new Academy will be dependent on the completion date of the facility.

    If you are interested in becoming a NYS Court Officer, then the first step in the process is a written exam, which is generally given once every 4-5 years. The last one was given in 2009, so the next one will most likely not take place before sometime in 2013-2014. The best course of action is to periodically check the website and/or the civil service newspaper "The Chief". Best of luck in your endeavors.

    Lt. Anthony Mung

    Supervising Lieutenant

    NYS Court Officers Academy

    123 William St, 12th Flr

    New York, NY 10038


    [email protected]

    Please consider the environment before printing this email.


  • damn, the next year or 2? it's a serious eye sore right now.

    Whynot -- do you know if the training facility is going to be both of the large yellowish buildings, or just one of them?

  • I believe it will take over all of these buildings:

    523 St. John's Place

    779 Classon Avenue

    560 Sterling Place (Block 1175, Lot 1)

    Which is another way on saying that it will take over all of the yellowish buildings except this building (533 St. Johns), which will remain the home of Brooklyn Jesuit Prep:

  • thanks -- that's good news

    i think the above building is 560 Sterling -- i figured that would remain a school

  • Not so fast, Mr. Met.

    The school has recently been notified that it is likely to be closed:

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    Readers, this development is one of the Big Developments happening in western Crown Heights in 2014 that we will bewatching closely. To learn about the others, see this thread:

  • It's been a while since I've been able to update this thread, but here's the news:

    There are now sufficient court officer vacancies and funding to proceed with creating a class for the Academy.

    Candidates who took the court officers exam in 2009 (the last time I believe it was offered), are now being contacted to see if they are still interested:

    New candidates are being sought, and the exam is again being offered:

    These are solid, NYS jobs:

    Based on the above, I am predicting that the Academy will open in Spring 2015.
  • Still wonder what this does to the area as I live a block away. Lower crime? Meatheads with attitudes? More business on Classon? Time will tell
  • I think all will happen. The question is just around "how much?"
  • Just join today and I must say you are on point. I am one of those lucky ones awaiting to become a court officer. I have been accepted just this week and awaiting physical and medical. The Brooklyn location will be wonderful and convenient .. Thank you for all the knowledge
  • Congrats!

    Welcome to the board and neighborhood.
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    With every passing day, the Court Officers Academy shows how much slower things are built with taxpayer dollars. In the current economy, a for profit company would have had this site built and converted into condos years ago. 

     Today, I was able to gain access into the inner courtyard.

    I was all alone. No workmen or tools in sight....

    Based on the site's present state, we are not getting a class of Court Officers anytime soon.
  • It's a shame-- that auditorium would make such a sick music venue...
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    I assume they will use a temporary location for the next class: