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Prices in Gowanas — Brooklynian

Prices in Gowanas

edited October 2014 in Gowanus
Of course prices everywhere are through the roof, but is it insane to pay over $1000/sq ft in Gowanus? I know the area is on an upswing and there's going to be rezoning and all. But is that just too damn high for a condo at this point?


  • As a rational and sane being, that is insane price for an area in a flood zone (I lived in flood areas as a child). Yet this area has become trendy, so it is realistic for the supply and demand.
  • I have lived in Brooklyn my whole life and have been amazed to see the transformation of that area. However, I cannot see spending $1k a square foot on that area when there are other great options that are a 15 minute bike ride from Gowanus for half the price. I would suggest checking out Ditmas Park, Prospect Park South and Bay Ridge as other options for buying.
  • Both of you make perfect sense. We're somewhat seduced by the cool restaurants, etc., in Gowanus. It's kind of mind blowing, but it is sort of becoming a destination. We're looking all over, waiting for the right thing to come along. Might be this super overpriced place in the flood plain! Might not.
  • Gowanus we used to know will be unrecognizable within the next 10 years.