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What's happening on the corner of Flatbush and Park? — Brooklynian

What's happening on the corner of Flatbush and Park?

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Never posted here before but I live near the corner of Flatbush and Park and have been wondering what is going on there? It has to be a year now since the landlord kicked out all of the long-time tenants (including Lil Miss Muffin, the barber shop and El Gran Castillo) and the place still sits empty. Such a shame and becoming a blight on the corner! Anyone know what is going on?


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    Last I heard the owner is getting sued by his wife for a soap opera-like infidelity involving an Asian prostitute and one of his properties. Not sure if that is affecting the rental of that spot.  
  • That's really horrible. Evict long time tenants who were part of the community and then just let such a huge space sit empty and deteriorating. It's a very visible corner and it looks awful. 
  • As a result of a divorce legal mess, any financial decisions regarding the property might be on hold.

    So, this may not be involve the landlord letting the space sit vacant as much as him not being allowed to proceed while their divorce is being sorted out.

  • Ah, got it. Still makes me mad every time I walk past! Hope it gets sorted out soon. Not that I was ever in favor of kicking out all the businesses to put in an urgent care center, but at least that would be better than empty.
  • 345- 347 Flatbush Avenue is for rent again. Apparently a lease with City MD was signed, but it was not followed through. 'All uses will be considered', according to the ad.
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    Finally rented after two years vacant---

    I suppose anything is better than the empty shell that has been sitting there.
  • It would not surprise me if other franchises opened near that high ped traffic intersection.
  • Indeed, though I'm still surprised that Five Guys couldn't make it work in the space that now houses the Starbucks across the street, so there will be some limits to what's feasible.  

    On the pro-franchise side, its been reported that the space currently under construction up the block, next to Franny's that last was a Halloween store, is going to be home to a branch of Union Market on the first floor and a SoulCycle on the second.
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    I view Five Guys as "less of a fit" with the area than other franchises.
  • I am so disappointed that the space will be occupied by Chipotle. I was really hoping for a sit down restaurant/bar but I am glad that it will no longer be vacant. Does anyone know what is happening to the other storefrontside which used to be occupied by the Bodega, ice cream shop and the barber shop?
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    The 4 storefronts on Park Place and one building to the right of the future Chipotle (on Flatbush) are currently being demolished. Apparently a 7 story building will be built. This is an old sales listing with a description of a potential development:
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    I can almost cry (tears of joy) at the news of this Chipotle! No longer will I have to make my way downtown to Court Street (more convenient for me than going to location on 7th Ave) to get me some Chipotle goodness :)
  • I believe there is already a Chipotle in Park Slope, over near PS 321.
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    photo not by me
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    whynot_31 said:
    I believe there is already a Chipotle in Park Slope, over near PS 321.
    There certainly is! However, getting to that Chipotle is far less convenient for me than going to Court Street. 

    And thanks for the new pic. Looking good! 
  • They were busy behind that plywood.

    Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 10.49.58 PM
  • I can't figure out why anyone in Crown Heights or Prospect Heights would go to Chipotle before Maya, Muertos, Kimchi, Domo, even that place on Franklin near Eastern is probably better than Chipotle.

    I'm sure it will do fabulously well, just like Starbucks does.
  • I mean, because Maya isn't that good (and the Halal menu keeps them from having a lot of traditional items) and the rest of them are a 15 minute walk from that corner of Flatbush...
  • I am amazed L.A. Burrito is still around.

    It is at Underhill and Dean.
  • I'm happy about it. To be honest, just to have somewhere there that shovels the snow on the sidewalk out front and cleans up the garbage would be nice! For 2 years, that stretch has been desolate, and the snow just accumulates. Chipotle is fine. It's nice to have a fast place to grab dinner on the way home, that's not a sit down restaurant or pizza. There's not many options in that department.
  • I think the appeal is that it's fast, easy, approachable, accessible, familiar and impersonal. Also, it feels clean and is relatively cheap. For many who eat chipotle in the city or whever, it doesn't require thought. There aren't many of those in the area for lunch or dinner.

    Over on Franklin, Bagel Pub is one of the few and seems to be killing it despite terrible service and low quality product.
  • Marco555 - isn't that the problem? Places where customers don't have to think and can accept poor service are doing a good business in our neighborhood.
  • I think Chipotle is one of the few "fast food" restaurants that has a following across all classes. It's also one of the healthier and better tasting chains out there. Let's be realistic- that's a large corner spot worth a good amount of dough. The only thing that would survive there is a chain or bank. Any small business will be taking a huge risk. It's sad it's reached that point, but it is what it is.
  • Marco555 - isn't that the problem? Places where customers don't have to think and can accept poor service are doing a good business in our neighborhood.
    Hard to say if it's a problem or not a problem when there are two of these places within a mile of each other. I think it's just human nature to at times want a place that's comfortable, easy, & requires little emotional investment. Non chains offer a lot, but they don't offer that.
  • there's also a chipotle on myrtle/vanderbilt.
  • The Chipotle at Flatbush and Park appears ready to open.

    ...just needs perishables and food service workers
  • Chipotle at Flatbush and Park is 100% open!
  • Any further word on what is going to replace the old Benoit barbershop and the bodega? Work permits went up a few weeks ago and there seems to be activity. Also, is Chipotle going to make it? It always seems empty in there.