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Out by Utica Ave, a tiny little house on Union will soon become 6 stories and 16 units. — Brooklynian

Out by Utica Ave, a tiny little house on Union will soon become 6 stories and 16 units.

"1764 Union Management LLC has filed applications for a six-story, 16-unit residential building measuring 12,000 square feet at 1764 Union Street, in eastern Crown Heights. Olabanji B Awosika is designing, and the existing two-story structure was approved for demolition in December."

1764 Union Street

@southeast - you are getting more neighbors.



  • Thanks @whynot_31.  That is right next to the park.

    Curious what is going to happen to the windows on the side of the building to the right.  I was always curious what happens to windows which are on the property line when a neighbor decides to build up.
  • I only know that those windows are not the problem of the owner of the lot that is being built.

    IE  The building loses its windows with no compensation.      

    They owner of the existing building usually bricks them up.
  • I walked through my neighborhood in Eastern Crown Heights today and photographed new buildings in various states of development. This residential building looks just about done, and likely even on schedule; everything on the exterior is complete and interior lighting and AC units are installed. I have to to admit, I really wish the architecture wasn't... awful. IMG_0746 IMG_0749
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    Thanks @monobo. I find it odd that the window flourishes are purposely out of kilter. I like the color changes TPRYFSPJLKZG 1
  • (Apologies for improper photo orientation. Long-time lurker, first time poster)
  • I don't love it, but I also don't hate it. It ~really~ stands out but it's certainly better than those "Fedders buildings". fedders-cooper-street-072315-1
  • looks kinda cool now it'll be interesting to see how those bright colors age
  • Now on the market: Architecture and interior color choices may be polarizing, but a brand new building that close to an express subway stop at prices comparable to gut renovations in old buildings in the area? These units will move fast.
  • nearby Lincoln Terrace Park has also become pretty nice...