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Homeless issue is much worse this year — Brooklynian

Homeless issue is much worse this year

For those of you living near the Bedford/Pacific corner where the homeless shelter is, I'm sure you noticed that the homeless people have grown this year and the loitering is spreading and has gotten worse.
I know for a fact that they get kicked out every morning very early and can only go back in the evening, so they really have nowhere to go. For the most part, they really keep to their own crew and don't bother anyone or make the neighborhood unsafe.
The issue is that they are now splattered and sleeping laying across the sidewalks and also in the front doorways to neighboring buildings. I've tried to email the mayor's office and have left countless messages with the Department of Health but have not heard back. 
Something needs to be done to help these people, and also clean up the neighborhood. Has anyone else done anything? Was thinking of going to the news with this (for those living in the area you know what i'm talking about). They're not just hanging out on the corner anymore, some look dead laying in the street and sidewalks and the entrance to apartment buildings.