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Prospect Park's Vale of Cashmere is to finally be repaired and renovated — Brooklynian

Prospect Park's Vale of Cashmere is to finally be repaired and renovated

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Goodbye fetid fountain?
Goodbye used condoms?
Goodbye syringes?
Goodbye men exchanging oral sex in the woods?


  • That would be really nice, and I'm hoping they put an entrance on Flatbush Ave.
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    Q: I got lost in prospect park - where the hell was i?

    A: If there was fellatio going on, you were in the Vale of Cashmere. Congratulations.

    Truer words have rarely been written.
  • That's such great news!  I wonder if being so near that children's natural play area was a catalyst or not. I stumbled upon it once by accident long ago and thought what a gem, and damn shame its left to rot.

    Are those 3 (or is it 2?) nearby cement ovals the former reflecting pools / model sailboat pools theyre talking about?  Those need some love too.  At one point I naively thought there must be a lever nearby to turn on the water and went looking for it :)

    Annnnnd now I learned why I always see men, usually African American, walking around alone and eyeing me.  Once propositioned by a guy I'd have assumed gangster "Hey white boy I'll take care of you real good".  Didnt know if that was a threat of violence or amorous offer.
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    Glad we could help.

    By the way, the renovations will take a while.

    You may still have time to find him and give him a different response.
  • awesome news! this is a fun place to explore on a run.......provided it's a crowded weekend day.

    also, that's an amazing photo feature.
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    It seems the NYT published just a few of the photos.   A total of 16 can be viewed here:

  • I have to hand it to whoever is in tasked with "reclaiming" this space in the Parks Department. First, they deploy goats that bring in families to the area. Then, they set up pinwheels. ...much more effective than having the NYPD go head to head with them. ...pun intended :)
  • The same funding streams are now being used to restore the Flatbush Avenue perimeter from Grand Army Plaza to the Prospect Park Zoo to its original design. The sidewalk will be expanded into a 30-feet-wide promenade, and the Alliance will plant 125 new trees; and install new decorative fencing, lighting and furnishings to provide a welcoming and inviting pedestrian experience. As part of this process, the Alliance is removing trees that are in poor health and failing, as well as invasive species of plants that have overtaken the area and contribute to the poor health of the landscape.