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1937 photo of Brooklyn Museum and Eastern Parkway — Brooklynian

1937 photo of Brooklyn Museum and Eastern Parkway


  • GREAT pic - everything looks so well ordered and clean.

    Yaaaaay  Brooklyn!
  • Where did you find the image?  Are there more?  
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    On Facebook, like the page "IM STILL SO NYC".

    ...most of the pictures on the feed are of Manhattan, but there are occasionally Brooklyn ones. This one popped up there sometime this weekend.

    Here is a site that has similar photos for sale, and organized:
  • So many parking spaces;)
  • So many parking spaces;)

    Where are the many horse drawn carriages that we still saw in those days ?
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    @prodigalson -
    Here is a shot from GAP looking down Eastern Parkway.     It was taken in 1900.   There are some horse drawn carriages in it.

    There seem to have been a few changes in technology and population between 1900 and 1937.

  • I notice that in 1937 there appears to be parking on just one side of the street along the service road for Eastern Parkway.  Which means you can have a bus route along the service road.
    Now that makes sense.
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    The B71 used to go down the EP service road between Washington and GAP until the pedestrian median was widened, and the route was eliminated.

    If the route ever comes back, it will likely run on the actual parkway.
  • When was the pedestrian median widened? It seems to have the current width in the 1937 photo.
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    Approximately 2012.

    The median to the west of Washington is now approximately as wide as the one to the east.

    The service roads are now approximately the same width as well.
  • Here is a post card from the 1930s. It shows that a wider median between EP and Underhill was planned, but did not come to fruition until recently.

  • I've given away a couple of thousand books to churches and charities over the years but have kept a few books even after reading them several times.  One of my most treasured books remains Younger's  Old Brooklyn In Early Photographs 1865-1929:

    Please post  more pics - thanx!

  • @prodigalson

    This app will let you choose an intersection and see what it looked like approximately 100 years ago.

    ...not all intersections, of course:
  • hey  why ~ nice old pics

     One topic I always enjoy is 1800s NYC baseball pics.  While I have found many  online, I have found very few pics of cricket during that era. Cric was very popular back then with Brooklyn having two teams - one for Brooklyn, the other for East New York.  Hopefully, someone will find and post them online soon.