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516 Carlton (at Pacific) would like to become a bar. — Brooklynian

516 Carlton (at Pacific) would like to become a bar.

516 516

The entity is named Carlton Street Rest One LLC.    They seek a full liquor license.


  • This application is reportedly on track.
  • edited November 2016
    If you live nearby, be very wary of the amount of late night noise that can come from a neighborhood bar.  I live across the street from Babel on Dean, on their liquor license application they said they would be a quiet venue and close at 10pm weeknights, 11pm weekends, and were not seeking to use the back garden.  They have amplified music from the back garden, they keep the front door open, they regularly stay open until 2am, 3am, even 4am - with loud music and shouting keeping neighbors awake.  They have been totally nonresponsive to emails and complaints.  Be aware of the potential pitfalls if this place on Carton gets their liquor license.
  • If you live across the street from Ode to Babel then I wouldn't worry about this place that's 3 blocks away.  Sounds like your conflict is with them, not this proposal that you don't know anything about.
  • Update: This entity is only now moving forward with their application. They go before CB8 on Tuesday, Sept 12th.
  • Still on track.
  • Moved forward at last week's CB8 mtg: 516 Carlton Restaurant LLC, 516 Carlton Avenue (corner Pacific) – Full