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Where to watch the Cubs in the World Series? — Brooklynian

Where to watch the Cubs in the World Series?

A historic moment, indeed! Any Brooklyn suggestions? 

Hoping for a place with some hype but not too much that you can't reach the bar for a drink.

Thanks in advance!


  • Windy City Ale House in Bay Ridge will probably be very busy but fun.  

    Not really aware of any other Chicago bars in Brooklyn.  Any specific area that you're thinking of for sports bars?  
  • Thank you! I'm open to the lower- and mid-parts of Manhattan. My concern with Manhattan generally is space. I was at Kelley's in Alphabet City last year. I had fun but the space constraints were too real for this Chicago gal. 
  • Are sports bars that big a deal in Brooklyn?  In all the years I lived in God's Country, never once did I go to one. Whenever I went for a drink, it was just a corner tavern with no sports theme at all.

    By contrast, sports theme bars are big in the Midwest.  Years ago I went to a place called Mug's Bunny in Lansing - just east of Chicago.  Great atmosphere, too - I was told they used to give away free "power bombs" or 18 ounce beers on tap  to their patrons  whenever the Bears scored a touch down. Went to a few others here in the Twin Cities.

    Don't drink anymore due to old age & related ailments. But I can always look back to those times  in my mind ...    :)

    Enjoy the World Series!
  • I suspect Half Court on Grand Ave in Crown Heights, and Plan B on Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights will show it.

    Both are sports bars.
  • Midwest is the best.

    Thank you, both!
  • I'd also guess that 200 Fifth in Park Slope will be showing all of the games.
  • Absolutely.  They even have some booths that have nearly-private televisions.  
  • Awesome, thanks!