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Survey: Would your child be interested in afterschool puppetry class? — Brooklynian

Survey: Would your child be interested in afterschool puppetry class?

Trying to see if there's enough interest to start an afterschool puppetry class at Brooklyn Apple Academy (Park Slope) with teacher/puppeteer Aviva Jobin-Leeds.

If you are interested, please fill out our survey, so we can find a date, time and price that works for everyone! 
Here's a message from the teacher: 
I'm reaching out to see how many students would be interested in an after school class focused on creating and playing/performing with puppets and masked characters.

My background is in puppetry. I have worked with Bread and Puppet among other puppetry groups, and I currently work for Alice Farley's Looking Glass Productions, a Dance Theatre company of costumed characters. I'm currently enrolled in a Graduate course in Puppetry and Performance at Pratt Institute.

Throughout the After-school Course, using foam, paper mache, cardboard, fabric and paint, I would facilitate construction and manipulation of characters and personas from the children's' imaginations. They will script short plays by developing these characters. 

I look forward to running it as soon as I get your feedback about time slots! Doing the puppet class during the day is also an option, and with enough interest I could run an additional garment construction class, because I've had so many kids asking me to help them make clothes on the sewing machine already."