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Finally went to Sweet Chick corner of Carlton and Park Place (and Flatbush). Warmly welcomed by Wanda. Seats comfortable (unlike the ones shown in the pix at which almost kept me away) and a cheerful room. The noise level is horrendous, yet it was around two in the afternoon. Because of the hour most tables had people finishing, or were empty-- bar was full. BUT the food was very good, refreshingly different and tasty. Hesitated over the $5 iced coffee (New England frugal am I) but an addiction is an addiction and I had it. Worth the cost. Plenty of choices beyond waffles. Pleasant wait staff. Was celebrating a (Southern) friend's birthday and he was pleased with the fried chicken and waffles. Sat for almost two hours and no one rushed us away. A very pleasant experience--except for the noise level.


  • Went there a few weeks ago and there was a 30 minute wait around 7pm. By all means, the food smelled good enough to wait around for, but the music was so loud we walked somewhere else in the meantime. We were hoping to catch up and talk through dinner, but with the music noise and everyone shouting over it, that was not going to happen. Really hope it changes, I would love to eat whatever smells so great there.
  • Had fun. Service was good, as was the food. Pricey, though. And the corner is jinxed, of course.
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    I realized that they want a fun party vibe which is why they keep the music up, but with the concrete, metal and glass all the sound does is bounce around the room. Everyone ends up yelling at each other to be heard, and so it sounds like you're having dinner inside a fallout shelter with 10,000 of your best friends. However the food it great. Waffles are light and filling and the chicken is tasty
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    We went there for dinner. Food is delicious, but my god, the noise level is unbearable. We finally gave up and had to sit and eat without trying to communicate.
  • I have heard that the food is good but I wish they would take reservations. I live down the street but am not willing to wait around for an hour in the cold to eat there.
  • Just leave your number and head back home, they'll give you a call when your table is ready. That's what we did when we went.