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Lost dog, please help! — Brooklynian

Lost dog, please help!

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Please help find Teddy. She's been missing since yesterday (11/30) and she's been seen around Eastern Parkway and Franklin-Bedford-Rogers... She's wearing a bandana. Scan_20171201


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    This is her wearing the WAG! bandana she is wearing while running lost & scared. She has been running through the streets between Prospect Heights, Crown Hts & Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Please help bring her to safety. BUT...DO NOT CHASE! SHE WILL RUN INTO STREET! Screenshot_20171130-195515
  • SIGHTING UPDATE: MON, 12/4 - BED STUY.... Thank you to everyone sharing Teddy's story! I need people to KEEP SHARING! The more eyes that are out there looking for Teddy the better! I got another CONFIRMED SIGHHTING that Teddy was seen back in BedStuy this morning (Monday) at Putnam Ave and Malcolm X Blvd. there is an unconfirmed sighting at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens from last night. There have also been reports that people have been tearing down the lost flyers, so it's REALLY IMPORTANT to keep sharing online. Any tips or sightings, call or text me at 607-221-9748! Good news: she's still got that green bandana on! #lostdog #missingdog #dogsofnyc #dogsofbrooklyn #findteddy
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    Holy crap I wish i saw this earlier. I could have sworn I saw her the beginning of this week or maybe last week being walked by a man on Vanderbilt. I saw a black dog with that green bandanna on. I am not sure if this was before or after he was missing. I am not sure if it was just coincidence that a black dog had the same exact bandanna on or if it was your dog. It was somewhere between 6-7 p.m. and they could have been coming from the old Met Food store. They were walking towards the park. I passed them in front of the bus stop on Vanderbilt between Park and Sterling. I will keep my eye out and will stop the person if I see them again. Please feel free to message me if there is some identifying mark that I can see to truly know its your dog. I am hoping he makes it home safely
  • Several posts on Facebook state dog has been found and reunited with owner. He was caught in BBG.
  • whynot_31 said:
    Several posts on Facebook state dog has been found and reunited with owner. He was caught in BBG.
    Fantastic! Great news indeed! Many thanks for the udpate
  • Dogtrapper was hired and after many failed attempts over the past days, Teddy-girl was finally trapped this morning in BBG and is finally home and both she & her mom will likely sleep for two weeks after this multi-neighborhood, 12 day search. Yay Teddy for finally surrendering.
  • Finally some good news in this world! So happy for him and his family