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prime prospect heights 1475 sq ft 3 bed 2 bath, parking avail, ps 9 — Brooklynian

prime prospect heights 1475 sq ft 3 bed 2 bath, parking avail, ps 9 available july 1 $5200


  • Imagine living in a three bedroom apartment with two roommates, each paying more than $1700. The place looks nice, but even splitting it 6 ways with 3 couples living together it would still be more than $860 per person per month. Like does this building even have any luxury amenities? I don't see a doorman listed or any kind of gym, or shared space...
  • @dac545 are you just joking? Are you able to find many units with these specs and price? This is for a family not 6 roommates. Terrace, space, 2 full baths and parking ARE your luxury NYC amenities
  • Looks like the original post was back at the beginning of November 2017 so the price must be keeping many people away. And since this is a condo let's figure it's the owner renting it out so the mortgage and maintenance must be damn near what he's asking for rent.
  • OK, I actually didn't notice the parking, so that definitely makes up for a lot. It just blows me away how high the price can go up for these prime areas. Just a few years ago, I lived in a two-floor, 4 BR, 2.5 BA with central air/heat, laundry in-unit and it was less than half this amount. BUT it was two stops further out on the 2/5 trains in Lefferts Gardens. Underhill is absolutely beautiful, but this unit is also slightly over a block away from a truck route, a massive self-storage complex, not to mention guys from the homeless shelter chilling in Lowry Triangle.
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    sorry, but i don't think 5200 is an outrageous price. as comparison: richard meier building across from the library is asking $60psf; 550 vanderbilt is asking 50+ psf; at $5200, this building is asking 42 psf and yes, there is a gym.
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    Well, I wouldn't compare the building or its location to the Richard Meier building. And @dac545 people will pay a premium for 'prime areas' and school district. A big rent driver of park slope's PS321 zone is the school itself. So yeah, families will put up with a bit to have space, a school, and nearby amenities. Not for the singles or faint of heart :)
  • Prospect Heights' PS 9 school district is quite a draw as well. ...this unit is within it.