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BKLYNER Bravely Reports on Vacant Vanderbilt Storefronts — Brooklynian

BKLYNER Bravely Reports on Vacant Vanderbilt Storefronts Its mostly just cellphone pictures, and information gleaned from Brooklynian.


  • It might take a few years, but Vanderbilt Ave seems poised to be nicer than Smith Street was in its prime (about 12 years ago).
  • I would also like to hope we're a few years a way from being 12 years behind smith st! :)
  • As the neighborhood ages, the restaurant and bar mix will change.
  • Can't vouch for how Smith Street was 12 years ago, but I think Vanderbilt is the most beautiful commercial stretch in the area (by far). I thoroughly enjoy walking and driving down the ave, especially when the sun is setting. The old Met Food redesign was a big part in the equation (the further down you go toward Eastern Parkway), IMO.
  • "Bravely"? Was the reporter in danger, at some point? Just wondering.
  • I suspect @Vanderbilly is making fun of the article.