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Volunteer as a research coach for Fort Greene public school literacy program — Brooklynian

Volunteer as a research coach for Fort Greene public school literacy program

Volunteer with Behind the Book, a non-profit literacy organization that inspires New York City public school students to love reading. Through our innovative programs, accomplished authors lead workshops in high-needs pre-K-12 classrooms, where they guide students in creating their own writing and art projects based on the theme of the author's book.

No experience or training is necessary to volunteer as a writing, research or art coach in the classroom. You'll support, engage, and encourage students as they work on their projects.

This workshop needs your support as a research coach at an elementary school in Fort Greene. To sign up, contact volunteer{a) with the program code. We'll supply the school address, directions, and other information when you're confirmed:

Program 461SM-C

Date: Tuesday, March 27th
Time: 9:00 – 10:30 AM

About the workshop: Pluto Visits Earth!, Steve Metzger‘s playful story about the recently demoted dwarf planet traveling through the solar system to reclaim its status, inspired first-graders to research a planet of their choice. They’ll use what they’ve learned to create a poster highlighting the most interesting facts. Research coaches will work with two students to help them gather the information.

Visit our volunteer opportunities page to find program descriptions and available volunteer dates throughout the school year.

To join our team and receive announcements of new volunteer opportunities as they're posted, please complete our brief questionnaire.