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Why don't some people clean up after their dogs? — Brooklynian

Why don't some people clean up after their dogs?


  • Too macho, lazy, irresponsible, etc. Similar reasons that people feel throwing their trash on the ground is okay. Please report it to 311 any time you see it. They're good about sending out a team to pick up trash/animal waste along the area reported. But unfortunately, the poop is so plentiful and gets added to every day, it usually can't be kept up with. This area is terrible, though, I agree.
  • I am over in PS and have the worst block. Serial pooper, every morning new little-dog shits. I'm scared to walk down the block at night because I know there are landmines waiting for me.
  • WE can report dog poops to 311 and someone will com clean it? REALLY?
  • They don't always clean it, but they do respond to reports made. Depends on the area, if it's Dept. of Sanitation, or Parks Dept. who respond. But it should ALWAYS be reported to 311 if you want something done about it. "The City enforces the Pooper Scooper Law and accepts reports of places where dog walkers regularly fail to pick up after their dogs. These locations include streets, sidewalks, and other areas such as open front yards next to the public sidewalk."
  • At least yours are little dog poops, mod, I live on Bergen at Classon and there are fresh horse poops in front of my building almost daily. I see people first hand not picking up after their dogs but the times Ive said anything they have screamed loudly, defensively and aggressively at me so now I don't bother.
  • My sib lives in Bed Stuy and has grass in the front yard. A woman regularly comes by, opens the gate and lets her dog inside to relieve itself. A neighbor caught her once and yelled at her, but it happens several times a month. My sib and the family are so angry, they have contemplated laying in wait to confront this person, especially the kids who then get tasked with going and cleaning up piles of crap. I don't understand why someone would think it was ok to open a gate and let their animal into an area that is clearly not public...
  • I've lived in the area for years and i have NEVER seem anyone letting their dog poop and not cleaning it up. This leads me to believe that there's an underlying issue: they make sure there is no one around because they know it's wrong. It actually makes it more disturbing when people know that something's wrong but they chose to do it anyway.
  • The trees on Eastern Parkway are always surrounded with dog poop so watch out. I've never actually seen anyone not cleaning up after their dog though either. Had no idea we could report this to 311. Good to know.
  • I reported a particularly bad dog poop situation on Eastern Pkwy to 311 a while back and it was actually cleaned up. BTW...the 311 phone app makes submitting complaints extremely easy, it literally takes seconds. You can attach a photo eliminating the need for a detailed description of the problem. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
  • But what if by that afternoon the poop is stepped on and spread on the sidewalk, I don't need them to clean it up unless they come quick. I need them to do a STAKE OUT! And ticket the bastard.
  • If more people keep reporting it, it will flag that there is a problem. And they will hopefully send a few more cops patrolling the streets by the reported area, and hopefully they might see someone in the process of violating the law. I think that's about all we can hope for. If there is a specific person you know of who is a repeat offender, you could always report them specifically. Or just clean up behind them, and leave it for them on their doorstep.
  • Washington Ave along the BBG used to be the worst. Then, through a combination of factors (additional trash cans and BBG cleaning staff up the mess), it got a lot better. If there is already litter on a street, people seem to litter on it. If there is dog poop on the street, other dog owners seem to think it is ok to not pick their's either...